Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh the heat!

So I had wanted to update every day but obviously found that hard this last weekend was a very busy one. We spent the weekend at my Father-in-Laws house in Indio. We left Friday after Chilly-Pepper got off work. It is a two and a half hour drive not including traffic. We got there between 7:30 and 8:00. After getting there we had dinner then went swimming since it was still probably 85 degrees out. We had a late night got up Saturday had breakfast and then spent the afternoon swimming again in the 100 plus degree weather. It is really sad that we all put lotion on and still got sun burnt. We spent the late afternoon socializing and eating dinner. We then played cards for a while. Sunday we got up and had breakfast then got our stuff ready to head back to San Diego. We skipped swimming again since we got so burnt the day before. Before leaving Indio we went to a super cool grocery store called Win Co we defiantly need one here in San Diego. We then went to Sonics for lunch and headed home. It was a busy hot and tiring weekend but we did have fun. I hope to get back in the groove tomorrow with posting. Tomorrow should be Chilly-Dogs Day.

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