Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Little Angel

Our little angel entered this world on January 8th 2007. She has had such an impact on our lives and it started at birth. I will rewind nine months though I was at breakfast with a friend of mine on May 11th 2006 for her birthday and I was telling I just did not feel well the last few days and I was extremely tired she suggested I take a test. That day I took a test and much to my surprise it was positive. I was very excited but yet scared what everyone would say about us having another baby. We actually waited quite a while before telling anyone we were pregnant again. This pregnancy was so different then the other two. I had a deep feeling from the moment found out I was pregnant she was a girl it was the weirdest feeling. I also felt her move a lot I think she must have been more forward then Chilly-Dog and Chilly-Fry or something you could even see her move inside me. I thought it was so neat that every morning when I was taking Chilly-Dog and Chilly-Fry to school she would kick. At my first prenatal appointment they did an ultrasound to find my due date and boy was I surprised when they said she was due January 16th 2007 no way on her Sisters and Papaws birthday. We had decided that if she were indeed a girl her middle name would be Faye to honor my Moms Aunt who had passed right after we found out we were expecting. After finding out she was indeed a girl we had decided to name her Dorothea Faye she would be named after her great grandmother and her great great Aunt. A couple months later I was coming home from dropping the kids off at school and on the radio someone said the name Chilly-Pie and I was instantly in love with the name I just knew that was her name. Chilly-Pepper agreed with me and loved the name also so it was decided she would be Chilly-Pie now came the fact that I did not like the first name and middle name combo with the two “F” sounds. I came up with adding my great Grandmother’s name to the mix so she would be Chilly-Pie Madelin-Faye I loved it. My pregnancy with Chilly-Pie was very uneventful I did have a lot uf hip pain but other than that no complications. Along comes January and I had an appointment on Thursday the 4th and that appointment showed that there would be no baby anytime soon. I asked my doctor what the chances were that I could have her on the 16th and he said there was no way that he would just be setting me up for a c-section that I was nowhere near ready. I was really bummed I was kind of looking forward to adding a 3rd birthday to that day. So fast forward to Sunday the 7th and evening comes and I start to realize I had not felt her move all day long so I got a cold drink lied down and tried to get her moving with no success at this time I am getting scared since she was such an active little one. So we load up and started heading to the hospital which was about a 15 to 20 minute drive. We were not on the road 5 minutes and she started to move around so I was thinking let’s just go home she is fine Chilly-Pepper was thinking the same thing to himself I find out later. We continued to the hospital it just felt right. So I got to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors and I sat for an hour with her moving away. My doctor was on call and came in and said I had a heart deceleration while being monitored so they were going to go ahead and induce me. They got me all started on the induction process about midnight Chilly-Pepper and the kids went home because they said it would be awhile and I hoped that my cervix would cooperate luckily it did and about 8 o’clock the next morning they started the pitocin. I had a terrible time with them her stating on the monitors I don’t think she liked the monitors at all so I constantly had to be moved around. My parents and the kids showed up around 1:45 in the afternoon they went to the cafeteria to get something to eat and things moved very fast. We started having terrible problems keeping her on the monitor and she was decels in her heartrate some I soon had a room full of people and the urge to push I was so afraid at the point I would be having the c-section after all. My sister was racing to get my parents and kids back because she was coming and it was fast. When the doctor came in she told me I could push without even setting up the table and she was born on the bed at 2:10 p.m. She also did not cry they put her straight on me and I was scared because she was not crying but they said as long as she was pink she was fine. As I sat there holding her and just looking at her she was the only one I got to hold without her being rushed away. The doctor at this time was collecting her cord blood for donation as she says I am hoping I can get enough blood because the placenta is detaching. I was able to hold her for an hour and a half until they took her to clean her up. She was born on January 8th 2007 and that is exactly 100 years after my great grandmother was born whom Chilly-Pie has gotten her middle name from. I do see a lot of my grandmother in her also it is great kind of freaks me out at times when I think about how much she is like her and to think the doctor said there was no way she would be here before the 16th just 3 days before her birth. Over the summer I was talking with my Mom’s cousin and I found out the my Aunt Faye’s all time favorite girls name was Chilly-Pie so that has really opened my eyes quite a bit about our angel. Now to why we call her angel it is because I truly believe she is one and she is here for a reason had I not listened to my body that Sunday night we may not have a Chilly-Pie her on earth because her placenta would have detach and she would have lost her life. I thank whatever powers to be out there that made us continue onto the hospital. Chilly-Pie is such a wonderful 2 ½ year old she loves to dance and have fun. She cracks us up every day she is such a joy in our life.

Chilly-Pie Madelin-Faye
January 8th 2007
6 pounds 12 ounces
19 inches

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