Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to spend a Friday afternoon

So the question I pose is how do you spend a wonderful Friday afternoon in San Diego? Well we spent ours at Sea World today. Chilly-Pie absolutely loves it there and Pooh Bear has Fridays off so we like to go on Fridays. Chilly-Pie loves to see Shampoo or as we all know him as Shamu. Lately our fascination has been the flamingos. Towards the end on June while we were there we noticed some eggs in the flamingo exhibit so we were very excited. On the 4th of July while we were there we were able to talk with a caretaker and he said they had approximately 30 eggs and were expecting the first ones to start hatching the following week so of course we knew we needed to go on Friday. When we got there on the 10th of July we looked and looked and could not find any babies until finally I saw a little head peeking out from under a parent.

We went to see different animals after waiting a while for the baby to show it’s self. On our way back from the turtles and sea stars we stopped again and there was the little on standing under Mom it was so cute. There was a trainer out and she had told us he had been born on the 5th. And she was observing waiting to see if there were any more babies. It is so cool how much we have learned about flamingos. The ones at our Sea World have all been hand reared and Sea World has not mated their flamingos in 5 years. They were shocked that the flamingos knew what to do being they were hand reared as they starting showings sign they wanted to build nest Sea World provided them the mud they needed for the nest. Sea World does not interfere with the nesting at all they let the flamingos do all the raising. They are male and female pairs that both take care of the young. Both the male and females have a gland in their necks that produce milk for the young. As the young getter older they start to turn the pretty coral color and the parents turn whiter because they are giving the babies all their beta carotene. It has just been so neat learning about the flamingos they are such cool animals.

We have so much fun when we go and Chilly-Pie just has a blast and she loves to run in the grass. So that is the answer to my question we take in the sites at Sea World Pooh Bear and I have dubbed it random Fridays. I look so forward to spending my Fridays with Pooh Bear and Chilly-Pie loves her Ayla.
These are a couple pictures from today

I'm gonna beat you. No I'm gonna beat you. No I'm gonna beat you.

Hey I wanna go see Shampoo. No let's go to pets rule.

And then one of Chilly-Pie with her Ayla.

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