Friday, July 24, 2009

My Honey

My honey my love. On April 1st 1997 I married the love of my life Chilly-Pepper. He has not only given me his last name but he has also given me 3 children and the rest of his life. We met in April of 1994 at a mutual friend’s house and I was instantly in love with him and wanted to be with him. He was born and raised in California. He spent time between Susanville and California visiting his parents at different times. He has two brothers an older and a younger making him the lucky middle child. His parents split when he was young. His grandparent’s emigrated here from Greece. We hope to one day visit there. His family use to be in the restaurant business. Man as I write I am finding I really don’t know what to say about his growing up. He graduated high school in Susanville and shortly after that came to San Diego and was living with a friend of his. After we met we were pretty much inseparable I spent all my free time at his house. He asked me to be his girlfriend one evening while we were at the beach and of course I had to say yes. We spent that whole summer just hanging out and watching MTV. He was working for a gasket company and I was working at the bowling alley and boardwalk fries. Eventually I moved in with him. When we got pregnant with Chilly-Dog we got our own place. When Chilly-Dog was 2 ½ we were out of work he had been working various telemarketing jobs and they just weren’t working out. While looking through the penny saver one day he saw an ad for a removal driver and his curiosity was peeked so he called and went on the interview at this time it was just curiosity. Who would have known that 11 years later his profession is from that one call? At the time he took a job removing decedents and taking them to mortuaries. Many years later he is now an arranger and meets with families everyday that are in the worst condition of their lives. He loves his job now and would not trade it for nothing. A lot of people cannot understand how he does what he does but he gets a satisfaction from helping families in such a terrible time. He sees people in various stages of life and no matter how old or young the effect is the same on the living family members who must know make all the final decisions for their loved one and he really likes helping these families make these choices. He went from working for one person just staring out to he now works for a big corporation and they have 6 facilities along in San Diego. He works for the El Camino group at the historic Cypress View Mausoleum. Hopefully one day we will own our own funeral home. He is a wonderful father to our three children everything that he does he does for them he wants to make sure that they have the best life. He is such a great man and I love him so much he is the love of my life.Thank you so much for our family. I LOVE YOU HUN. Love Chilly


Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Mommy

I am going to dedicate this one to my Mommy. On this day 56 years ago my Mommy made her appearance into this world. She was born in Jacksonville Illinois to Dorthea and Clyde. She grew up in a very small town called Bluffs just outside of Jacksonville. Her parents owned a small diner in town. Unfortunately I do not know much about my maternal grandparents as they both passed when my Mom was very young. Her Mom passed away when she was just eight years old of breast cancer and her Dad of a stroke when she was just 16 years old. She grew up living with family and friends. She then ventured out on her own and got married in Reno and had her three girls. She is now enjoying her life as a retired Navy Wife and enjoying every moment spent with the grand kids possible. I just wanted to give her a little shout out and wish her a very Happy Birthday I miss her so very much. Happy Birthday to you Mom.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Probably the hardest post

This will probably be the hardest post I type up as it will be all about me and I hate to talk about myself. I was born on a Tuesday Night October 29th at Tripler Army Hospital on the island of Hawaii. My parents were both enlisted in the Navy at the time and station in Hawaii. My poor Mom who is barely over 5 feet tall was in back labor with me for two days. She went to the hospital and got sent home being told she was not in labor. She labored for 48 hours with me before they decided to do a c-section. I was born weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 7 ounces and 21 ½ inches long (sorry mom:)). When my Dad went to see me in the nursery he told them that I could not be his baby because I looked like a 3 month old. After my Mom and Dad got out of the Navy they moved back to Illinois where they both grew up. I was a typical child of the 80's I loved neon, I solved my rubixs cube by taking off the stickers, and spent lots of time at the roller rink. In 1986 when I was 11 my Dad rejoined the Navy and was sent to Guam. That was a major culture shock but I met some friends that I still have contact with and my baby sister was born. We came back stateside in 1990 and I have lived in San Diego since. I graduated from high school in 1993 and went to a trade school college to learn office skills while also working at a bowling alley on base. One evening Mags and I went to a friend's house and while there we were introduced to his neighbors and that is when I met my husband. I was immediately attracted to him and wanted to get to know him better. We met in April of 1994 and have been together since our first meeting. 9 months after meeting we got pregnant with our first child. We were married on April fool's day in 1997. I know we did things backwards but it has worked for us. When Chilly-Dog was 18 months old we decided we wanted to add another child to the family we started trying and after about a year of not getting pregnant we looked for help. This is when I would find out that I had Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). In other word my body did not behave like it was suppose to I did not ovulate on my own I had higher than normal hormones and also lower than normal hormones and I was insulin resistant. After trying for over two years to have another baby we decided to quit trying this was in October 1999 and come April of 2000 I got pregnant. Again in 2006 I found myself pregnant with little Chilly-Pie. I stay home with our children now and have since Chilly-Dog was born. We have decided we don't want someone else raising our children and childcare is just way to outrageous. I do still battle PCOS on a daily basis and all the terrible side effects from it. I guess I am a pretty boring person and have a pretty boring life but I live my life for my family.

This would be me.. me

Monday, July 20, 2009

11 years go by so fast.

So I had planned on starting this blog by talking about my husband and kids and giving them each a day but I need to take this day to talk about my Niece Little Miss Daye. 11 years ago today I was sitting in a hospital room with my sister Mags and her first born. I remember how happy I was for Mags when she told me she was pregnant I had already had my son and he was 2 already and here she was having her own. Mags and I were very close while she was pregnant her husband was stationed on a ship in the Navy so he had to spend a lot of time away during the pregnancy. I was always there to go to her appointments with her and make sure she was eating well and had whatever she needed. Our parents were in Guam at the time so I knew she would need all the extra help she could get. I remember when we went to the ultrasound and she found out it was a girl. She was so happy to be having a daughter and I was so happy she was having the little girl I was wanting. Then came the naming of the little one she bought a book and was going through all the names she liked. When talking about names one night my husband mentioned his ex-girlfriend's name and she fell in love with it. Then while we were at Fashion Valley mall one day here in Diego we were going over baby names and the name Daye Izzy-B was said and she kicked her Mommy for the first time so she knew right there that would be her name. On the morning of July 19, 1998 Mags and I went to IHOP for breakfast while there we realized that her water was leaking so to the doctor we went. Mags was still a week away from her due date but Daye was coming. It was a very long labor and lots of pain as the epidural did not work. Finally it was time to push and after 3 hours of pushing little Daye made her grand appearance. She was making gurgling noises after being born so she had to go to NICU for a little while but that was quickly remedied and she was moved to her Mama's room. Those first couple days in the hospital I was there for Mags the whole time Daye spent a lot of time in my arms sucking on my figure as that was how she was happy. She would eat with Mags and then come back to me I loved just sitting there hold that new life. It also afforded Mags the benefit of all the extra sleep she needed. Now 11 years lady Daye is turning into such a wonderful young lady she loves music and has a wonderful talent for being able to sing a song word for word after only hearing it once. I may not get to see her as much as I would like but gosh I love that little girl. I just wanted to make a special place for her on my page and give her a Huge Happy Birthday wish. I love and miss her so much.
DayeDaye Izzy-B
July 20, 1998

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Beginning

Our Family Blog. I have wanted to start a blog for awhile now just was never quit sure where to begin. I have decided to just start from the beginning where it has all started.
I am a 34 year old stay at home Mom to three wonderful kids and a great husband. I am one of the few and fortunate to have very caring parents who have been married for 36 years. My parents were both enlisted into the United States Navy when they got out of High School. They both grew up in small towns in Illinois. After enlisted they were both station at NTC naval base in San Diego, CA. One evening while they were enjoying some down time they met each other. They were later married and station on the island of Hawaii. While stationed on Hawaii I was born. Almost 2 ½ years to the day after my birth my little sister was born. My Dad had decided to get out of the Navy after 7 years and our family moved back to Illinois. My Dad went to work for the Railroad. After 10 years of working for the railroad my Dad decided he would join the Navy again so in 1988 we would make a huge move. My Mom, Dad, Sister and I moved to the Island of Guam. We spent 4 years on Guam and after 3 years there my baby Sister was born. After my Dad finished his tour he was stationed back in San Diego, CA. I have been here since 1990 I graduated high school here met my husband here and have had my children here. My parents did leave for a couple years when my Dad got orders to go back to Guam but then came back here. After spending 30 years in the Navy my Dad retired in May 2009. They have since moved back to Illinois and have bought their retirement home.
My little Sister Mags is married, and has 3 children. She is married to her Sailor Gucky They have been married for 13 years and are currently stationed in Maryland. They have spent time here in San Diego and in Japan. They have two daughters Daye is 11 and CiCi is 8 years old. They also have a son Z-Man who will be a year old next month.
My baby Sister Pooh Bear is 20 years old and a dental assistant getting ready to go back to school to be a hygienist. She has a boyfriend Ry who is also a Sailor. They have an apartment together and are just starting out their lives together.
Well once I started typing that it actually was pretty easy to do LOL. I guess that will be it for tonight that has given a little in site as to where I have come from. In the next few days I will continue to tell you about my family and my children.
My wonderful parents on the day my Dad retired from the Navy. We were all so proud.
mom and dad
Because of them it all began….

Finally took the plunge.

OK so I finally did it. What you ask I finally got my blog set up. I have wanted to start this thing for awhile now but could not find anything I liked or even come up with a name. I am pretty happy with the way it has turned out. I will be taking a few days to update my blog with all the juicy tidbits of my life. I will also be doing a post to introduce you to my wonderful family. Thank You for stopping by.