Friday, July 24, 2009

My Honey

My honey my love. On April 1st 1997 I married the love of my life Chilly-Pepper. He has not only given me his last name but he has also given me 3 children and the rest of his life. We met in April of 1994 at a mutual friend’s house and I was instantly in love with him and wanted to be with him. He was born and raised in California. He spent time between Susanville and California visiting his parents at different times. He has two brothers an older and a younger making him the lucky middle child. His parents split when he was young. His grandparent’s emigrated here from Greece. We hope to one day visit there. His family use to be in the restaurant business. Man as I write I am finding I really don’t know what to say about his growing up. He graduated high school in Susanville and shortly after that came to San Diego and was living with a friend of his. After we met we were pretty much inseparable I spent all my free time at his house. He asked me to be his girlfriend one evening while we were at the beach and of course I had to say yes. We spent that whole summer just hanging out and watching MTV. He was working for a gasket company and I was working at the bowling alley and boardwalk fries. Eventually I moved in with him. When we got pregnant with Chilly-Dog we got our own place. When Chilly-Dog was 2 ½ we were out of work he had been working various telemarketing jobs and they just weren’t working out. While looking through the penny saver one day he saw an ad for a removal driver and his curiosity was peeked so he called and went on the interview at this time it was just curiosity. Who would have known that 11 years later his profession is from that one call? At the time he took a job removing decedents and taking them to mortuaries. Many years later he is now an arranger and meets with families everyday that are in the worst condition of their lives. He loves his job now and would not trade it for nothing. A lot of people cannot understand how he does what he does but he gets a satisfaction from helping families in such a terrible time. He sees people in various stages of life and no matter how old or young the effect is the same on the living family members who must know make all the final decisions for their loved one and he really likes helping these families make these choices. He went from working for one person just staring out to he now works for a big corporation and they have 6 facilities along in San Diego. He works for the El Camino group at the historic Cypress View Mausoleum. Hopefully one day we will own our own funeral home. He is a wonderful father to our three children everything that he does he does for them he wants to make sure that they have the best life. He is such a great man and I love him so much he is the love of my life.Thank you so much for our family. I LOVE YOU HUN. Love Chilly


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