Monday, July 20, 2009

11 years go by so fast.

So I had planned on starting this blog by talking about my husband and kids and giving them each a day but I need to take this day to talk about my Niece Little Miss Daye. 11 years ago today I was sitting in a hospital room with my sister Mags and her first born. I remember how happy I was for Mags when she told me she was pregnant I had already had my son and he was 2 already and here she was having her own. Mags and I were very close while she was pregnant her husband was stationed on a ship in the Navy so he had to spend a lot of time away during the pregnancy. I was always there to go to her appointments with her and make sure she was eating well and had whatever she needed. Our parents were in Guam at the time so I knew she would need all the extra help she could get. I remember when we went to the ultrasound and she found out it was a girl. She was so happy to be having a daughter and I was so happy she was having the little girl I was wanting. Then came the naming of the little one she bought a book and was going through all the names she liked. When talking about names one night my husband mentioned his ex-girlfriend's name and she fell in love with it. Then while we were at Fashion Valley mall one day here in Diego we were going over baby names and the name Daye Izzy-B was said and she kicked her Mommy for the first time so she knew right there that would be her name. On the morning of July 19, 1998 Mags and I went to IHOP for breakfast while there we realized that her water was leaking so to the doctor we went. Mags was still a week away from her due date but Daye was coming. It was a very long labor and lots of pain as the epidural did not work. Finally it was time to push and after 3 hours of pushing little Daye made her grand appearance. She was making gurgling noises after being born so she had to go to NICU for a little while but that was quickly remedied and she was moved to her Mama's room. Those first couple days in the hospital I was there for Mags the whole time Daye spent a lot of time in my arms sucking on my figure as that was how she was happy. She would eat with Mags and then come back to me I loved just sitting there hold that new life. It also afforded Mags the benefit of all the extra sleep she needed. Now 11 years lady Daye is turning into such a wonderful young lady she loves music and has a wonderful talent for being able to sing a song word for word after only hearing it once. I may not get to see her as much as I would like but gosh I love that little girl. I just wanted to make a special place for her on my page and give her a Huge Happy Birthday wish. I love and miss her so much.
DayeDaye Izzy-B
July 20, 1998

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