Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Little Princess

On January 16th 2001 I had another life changes event in my life my Little Princess was born. After having Chilly-Dog we always new we would have more children plus I still wanted to have a little girl. We Chilly-Dog was 18 months old we decided we would try to have another baby I wanted them to be close in age and I was ready little did we know the struggle that was ahead of us. We tried for 2 ½ years before getting our little one. I went through infertility treatments that did not work due to my PCOS and in October of 1999 I was told that my tubes were probably blocked and it would be a couple hundred dollars to check. We did not have that kind of money so we just thought it was over for us. I remember in March of 2000 I was in so much pain in my abdominal area I know why I think my tubes were clearing. In May of 2000 I got sick and just did not feel well and got to thinking I wonder so I took a test and it was positive. I knew exactly when I had gotten pregnant it was April 9th 2000. We were so happy and with in a couple days of that my Sister also found out she was pregnant. That was even better. My due date ended up being January 6th 2001. When we went to the ultrasound to find out what we were having we were very nervous I really wanted to have a little girl. My sister had already found out she was having a little girl and she already had one so I just knew for sure it would be a boy. When the technician said it was a little girl I cried I was so happy. After that I felt so bad that I got so emotional over finding out I was having a girl but I knew deep down I would have been happy either way. After finding out, we then starting looking for a name we knew her middle name would be Marie and she would be a 5 generation. I went through a baby name book and wrote down all the names I liked and gave it to my husband we quickly decided on Chilly-Fry as soon as we knew the meaning of the name. Chilly-Fry is Welsh for Witch Goddess and Chilly-Fry was the goddess of fertility there was not a more perfect name for her. The pregnancy with her went really well I did not have very much morning sickness with her and the only aversion I really had was any drink with sugar in it. As my due date approached I was getting antsier and wanting to meet her especially since my sister who was due the same time as me had already had her baby on New Years Eve. January 6th came and went and there was no baby. My doctor was going to let me go over due and was not going to induce until the 17th. I requested to be induced on the 16th because that is my Dad’s birthday and I wanted her born that day. So the morning of the 16th came and we were up early and calling the doctors only to find out there were no beds available we would have to wait until later in the day. I was finally admitted and hooked up to all the meds around 2 in the afternoon. I started laboring right away with her and labored hard they gave me my epidural which did not work with her. Once they broke her water there was no turning around with her she came very fast. She did cut it very close though she was born at 9:12 p.m. I had just known that since the labor got started so late I would not get my January 16th baby. But she made it into the world at 9:12 p.m. 10 days over due but still safe and if I go off my calculations the 16th would have been here due date. She also did not cry after being born. She actually had everyone very worried they called in the entire ICU team on her in the end though they dubbed her nice and healthy and she just did not want to cry she did not ever cry for the first time until she had her bath. Chilly-Fry was a very needy baby I told my Mom when she was a week old she had issues she was so needy she needed to have constant attention. I would definitely attest to the fact that girls and boys are two totally different babies. She has grown into such a sweet and loving 8 year old over the years. She always thinks of others first and wants to make sure all others are taken care of a fine example of this is every time she gets up to get a drink she will always ask everyone else in the room if they want something. She is also very artistic just like her Papa she loves to sit and draw she is even starting to show an interest in design. She absolutely loves school and was upset when summer break got here. Her and my Dad her Papaw have such an amazing bond also with sharing the birthday. I look forward to seeing what kind of a woman she will become on the coming years.

Chilly-Fry Marie
January 16, 2001
7 pounds 11 ounces
21 1/2 inches

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