Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gonna Try To Get Back In The Swing Of Things.

Well not much has gone on in the last couple of months. Things have gotten a little better with Chilly-Pepper's work so that is good. I had to have my appendix removed. We are getting ready to go to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving looking very forward to that. Other than that life has just moved on. Had a few good things happen lately Thank You Lord for answered prayers.

Halloween was just yesterday. We stayed real low key this year Sea World had a special day for the kids with little trick-or-treating booths and special shows. The kids really enjoyed them selves. I am just to the point where society has gotten so bad that I am affraid to take my kids out so this was perfect for them.

Probably going to still be doing some updates to my blog but will still try to keep my posts updated.

                                                                        My Rocker Dude

My Sassy Kitty

And My Little Cowgirl


Megan said...

LOVE the kid's costumes! You can tell they have so much personality!

The autumn theme looks great!

Erin said...

ah i love the kids costumes! Chilly-Pie's cowgirls boots are adorable! :) good job on the new blog background too! its all coming together great!