Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why O' Why

Why is it everytime we try to make plans to do something fun something else has to ruin it. We have Disneyland annual passes that expire on Monday so we were going to go up Saturday and stay until Sunday night. Well wouldn't you know it that the state who never gets any rain is suppose to get dumped on Saturday. We were up there last year this time of year and it rained also. There was one other time we went and it rained all day long it is just no fun when it is raining up there it is a "not so happiest place on earth". I feel bad for the kids because we were all looking forward to spending the weekend there but I am not looking forward to the kids or myself being sick if we go and we all get wet and cold it is also only suppose to be high 50's UGH the weather sucks. And to top of the nasty weather they reopened the Captain Eo Michael Jackson show yesterday so I am sure it will be a mad house with all the fans going for it. Oh and we also discivered last time we were there that Chilly-Pie can ride the Materhorn ride and it was closed well guess what is still closed. I guess this whole weekend is just not meant to be.

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