Friday, August 19, 2011

Most Heartbreaking Post.....

I have always had a strong urge to adopt. I am praying that one day I will be able to fulfill that urge. In the mean time I have found myself led to trying to help children who need adopting. Through online friends I have bee led to Reeces Rainbow. They are an international Down Syndrome orphan ministry. They help families and children find each other.

Because of Reeces Rainbow and my online friends I was lead to this beautiful little girl named Liliana. Liliana is a special little girl in desperate need of her parents. Liliana has Down Syndrome and lives in a country where DS is considered to be something bad and these poor kids are never given a chance to show their love. The following blog No Greater Joy Mom has set up a ransom to help save Liliana before it is to late. Why is it so urgent to save Liliana you ask is because she is 11 years old and only weighs 10 pounds. Yes you read that right she only weighs 10 pounds at 11 years old. How she has survived this long is beyond my comprehension but the Lord must have something special in store for this little girl and her parents.

So I am asking that if you have ever wanted to help a child in need Liliana is the one to help. Please if you are able to donate to her chip-in and get her home.

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