Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cards Cards and More Cards.....

Do you have a beautiful picture like this...

that you have captured of your children or family? Would you love to be able to make it into your very own Christmas card? Well I have just the answer for you Shutterfly.  You can go on Shutterflies website and make a Christmas card with any picture you want on it. Here is an example of their work.
 Shutterfly doesn’t just allow you to make Christmas cards, they have a large array of cards for any occasion you may have in life.

 Say you just had a baby and need a really cute birth announcement. Shutterfly is your answer

Or you are planning to buy that house you have been saving for or just looking for new scenery Shutterfly has moving announcements.

Or how about that big 50th birthday coming up or any birthday you may be having a party for you could make your very own invitation.
Maybe you’re planning that wedding of your dreams and want to make your own wedding invitations extra special with pictures of your lives together so far. Well Shutterfly is your place.
Shutterfly doesn’t just allow you to make great cards, invitations or announcements. Maybe you need that perfect gift for the grandparents Shutterfly has great personalized gifts such as photo books, calendars, mugs, just about anything you could think of.
I love the ease of Shutterflies website, you just browse their large selection of product, pick what you want and import you image, edit it and order it as easy as 1,2,3.
*And to top it all off as if their site wasn’t easy to us and they didn’t make great products I am receiving a promotion code for 50 free holiday cards just for telling you how much I like them. However all opinions are those of my own.
* All photos of sample cards are property of Shutterfly.




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