Sunday, March 21, 2010

Please Help The Parkers....

Today is all about Bethany Danielle 2 and Rebekah Suzanne 7 months…And anyone else with DS...

Today is such a special day! Why, you ask because today is World Down Syndrome Day. Now you may be saying, what is Down syndrome? Down syndrome is a genetic condition in which a person has 47 chromosomes instead of the usual 46. It is also called Trisomy 21 because there is an extra copy of chromosome 21. Down syndrome is the most common single cause of human birth defects.
Now why am I blogging about Down syndrome? Because a good friend of mine has opened her heart and family up to adoption and was lead two beautiful little girls in a Ukrainian Orphanage who both have Down syndrome. By age 4, if these children (or any of the special needs children at their orphanage) are not adopted, they are put in a mental institution. They are not welcome in society at all. Kate’s family is in the middle of the adoption process and has set up a BLOG to document the journey they are taking. On the blog there are different fundraisers you can par take in to help support their journey. They have a candle, popcorn and a puzzle fundraiser gong on right now and new ones popping up all the time. Kate still needs to raise about $30,000 before she can bring the girls home and they could be home by July if everything continues to move as fast as it has been. Once they have all the funds needed this should move even faster. I figure if Kate and her friends can get the word out and get 30,000 people to go over to her BLOG and if each person donated $1.00 they would have all the money needed to make this whole thing happen.
The organization Kate is using for her adoption is called Reece’s Rainbow. To read more about Reece’s Rainbow go HERE. When you go to this site the page you go to will have Bethany and Rebekah on it (Vivienne and Laura) their orphanage names. You can also donate via Reece’s Rainbow it will go into a fund for the girls. All donations are tax deductable.

If you have a blog or know someone else who does and would like to also support Kate’s family in their journey please take her button and attach it to your blog.

Thank You for your support and Best of Luck: Kate, Charley, Megan, Adam, Emily, David, Sarah, Isaac and Joshua,

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Kate said...

Chilly, thank you SO MUCH for this post, both on behalf of my family's adoption & to bring more awareness for individuals with Down Syndrome.